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Rated “Awesome Dialogue” by Millcrest Media Group on their initial manuscript review.

Flakman™  is a story about a child, Rejinal “Rej” Sodowsky, having been born of natural birth, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He finds out he’s bionic, or cybernetic, when he is six years old, the time his mother and father were killed by robbers.

The story reads as a bibliography, whereby Rej becomes known as Flakman™, a bullet proof individual of superior intellect, but leads a normal life. He falls in love with Angela, his high school sweetheart, and they eventually marry, as Flakman™  serves on the New Orleans Police Force as a street cop. Robert, the cop training him, adds flavor to the story with his humor. Flakman™ moves at the speed of sound.

Police Chief Darrel Mitchell, takes Flakman™under his wing, and treats him as his son. As time goes on, Flakman™and Chief Mitchell become closer, and Flakman™ fights crime, along with amazing feats of valor around the world, and in outer space. He becomes well known at the Houston Space Center, where NASA sends him to outer space numerous times. He now travels at the speed of light.”

However, a prehistoric creature, known as Zedifi, appears on the delta outside New Orleans to destroy Flakman™ and rule the world. Zedifi’s reasoning is: Flakman™ is bionic, and defies the vapor from his Heleostrom, which will convince humanity to succumb to his wishes to be their ruler. Therefore, Flakman™ has numerous death defying encounters with Zedifi, to the point of making him look mentally unstable to humanity, at times. Double trouble pops up for Flakman™, when Zedifi reappears on earth in spirit form, after Flakman™ sends him back two and a half billion years into the past, or where he came from.

It is humorous to watch Flakman™ take up golf: his first practice shot, with an eight iron, sent the golf ball to distances unheard of.

The President of the United States puts Flakman™ under his command, and arranges a golf game with the King of Saudi Arabian, which turns out to be a ruse by Zedifi’s spirit, now his nemesis. Flakman™ instinctively makes himself travel as gravity, or instantaneously, as he flexes his knees, and poof. He is at his destination."