Nom Pen, a vicious killer, is into human trafficking of young girls kidnapped from poor families along the Mekong River and Sap Lake, Cambodia. She hires Sam, a young Phnom Pen police officer to spy for her. She uses her sexuality to keep him at her beck and call. Unfortunately she falls in love with him, and it becomes unfortunate for Sam, when she finds out he’s in love with his secretary, Maly. Nom decides the big buck are in oil. She has Sam arrange a meeting for her to meet Lon Turk, head of Cambodian Petroleum Authority, whereby she uses her sexuality to make the winning bid on a large oil concession. When Lon finds out he has been duped, he fights back. Nom fends him off, and instead of killing Maly, as intended, she uses her sexuality to convince Phirun Keo, head of Cambodian Royal Council, to approve her bid on the oil concession. She makes him a partner in the scheme, along with Sam and Maly. Several million dollars are to be made when the concession is sold to an oil company approved by the Cambodian Royal Council. Nom’s killing instinct kicks in, as she decides to reduce the partnership to one: herself. The fight is on, and blood is let in such a way that her partners were initially unaware they were in her crosshairs. When Sam finds out Nom has sold the concession for fifteen million dollars, he goes to confront her. Finding her, and her belongings, gone from her building, Sam takes off after her. The fight is on, but she ends up back in Phnom Penh. After denying she has the money, Sam hacks into her Liechtenstein bank account, and closes it. When Nom finds out, she pleads with Sam that she intended to share the money with her partners. When no deal is struck, she threatens to kill Sam. They need her signature for the closing, but she disappears with Sam in hot pursuit.